At The Soaperie, we offer simple luxury with our natural, artisan soaps and spa products. We’re a family-run business located just outside Raleigh in Wake Forest, NC, and you’ll find us at boutiques, markets, and art shows. Browse our site for a variety of soaps and spa products designed for everyday use, special occasions, and unique gifts.
Take a minute to get to know us and our mission, and learn about how we’re giving back through our Raise the Bar initiative!
Let’s reimagine what simple, natural, everyday luxury can be.

We believe simple, everyday luxury is the unique feeling of lather from a bar of handmade soap or the way your senses are stirred by a particular blend of essential oils.

It’s the beauty of natural clays, botanicals, and spices combined to create unique, functional art.

And it’s the confidence of knowing we use only high-quality, natural ingredients, blended lovingly by hand- without compromise.

Come share our vision of simple, everyday luxury- We invite you to find your favorite, and try something new!

Our seasonal specialties feature ingredients, designs, and scents that celebrate the very best of each season. From sweet, local honey in spring; salty seaweed powder in summer; hand-puréed pumpkin in fall; to swirls of cool peppermint in winter, you’ll find limited-time favorites and new, exciting additions!

Choose from an enticing range of signature bar soaps and specialty bar soaps; experience the every-day luxury of all-natural, high-quality products made by hand.

“Quality, pure ingredients (leaves my skin very soft not dried out) + amazing products (I can’t get enough of the soaps and bath bombs) + truly THE BEST customer service (Jennifer is great to work with and a joy to talk to) = a forever customer in me! Thank you for making great products!!” -Carol C.

Welcome to the studio

Grab a glass of wine and pull up a stool.
Let’s talk soap (and a bunch of other stuff, too).