Our Story

The story of our business is a unique one. To us, it feels like a lot of threads coming together in unexpected, but glorious ways. Some threads are fairly short, like deciding on the right brand identity and maximizing our work flow, but others are long.

Really, we’ve spent over ten years preparing together (and even more years preparing individually) for what has become The Soaperie. We’ve led successful careers in higher education and in the hospitality industry. We’re raising two kids, a relative ark of animals, and a homestead. Just like you, we’ve been through some pretty tough times, but- like you- we’ve also experienced incredible joy along the way. And we’re following a faith in God’s plan that transcends the fear of failure.

The fabric created by so many threads is indeed The Soaperie. It’s our expression of the best of our collective experience. It’s the fulfillment of our promise to grow together as a family. It’s the way we can share with you our love and our thankfulness for all that God has blessed us with.

To us, the story of The Soaperie weaves a pretty darn cool tapestry, and we’re drawing inspiration from it every day. It influences every aspect of the way we conduct our business and create our products. Finally, it’s our hope that as you use our products a bit of our story and a lot of our joy and thanks come through.

All the best,
Jen and Mike Evarts


Our Mission

To create quality, handmade products using ingredients that are natural, sustainable, and sourced locally whenever possible.

The quality and integrity of our ingredients are extremely important to us, and we carefully consider the composition, origin, and social/environmental impact of each ingredient we use. We also believe in sourcing locally whenever possible to support local businesses and minimize our own environmental impact.

To make healthful, beautiful personal care products part of your every day.

Natural, quality products don’t have to be limited to the occasional luxury or gift (though those are fun, too!). We should be able to use products that are actually good for us and make us feel our best every day. And we know you agree. That’s why we carefully consider quality and value with each recipe and design we create. Our mission is to consistently uphold our high quality standards while making products with unbelievable value.

To contribute to our community by developing relationships and supporting those in need.

We believe in the power of community and the responsibility of businesses to add strength to that community. We’re doing this by sourcing ingredients locally (ok, ok- coconut oil doesn’t come from North Carolina, but high-quality goats’ milk, beer, and other ingredients do!), building relationships with local businesses, and donating to organizations that are already helping so many in need. Join our mission to Raise the Bar and make a difference!

We’re Unique


    Our focus is on you- our customers, our community, and our fellow small-business owners.


    We’ve got high standards when it comes to defining “natural.”


    We handmake all of our products in small batches with artistic flair.


These products moisturize and soften my dry skin, even at 70 years of age. The soaps leave my skin clean and supple without any residue. I love these all natural products and I’m a customer for life!
Sharon M.
The delicious aromas of The Soaperie are not only calming and refreshing but a great way to start or finish any day! The natural ingredients moisturize and heal. I’ve had eczema my entire life but these products leave my skin feeling smooth and clear. A must have!
Angela G.
The Soaperie’s body scrub is truly luxurious! The all-natural ingredients leave my sensitive skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized. The various scents are fresh and long lasting, and the number of different options certainly make for a fun shopping experience. An absolutely divine product!
Beth L.


A: To make our full range of products, we stock a large number of ingredients- carrier oils, essential oils, clays, salts, micas and oxides, botanicals, etc. Each has been carefully researched to ensure it meets our high standards; for example, all of our shea butter is certified by the Global Shea Alliance, and many of our ingredients are certified Kosher and vegan.

We do not use the following in any of our products:

  • Sulfates
  • Parabens
  • Palm oil
  • Artificial colorants
  • Artificial fragrance/parfum
  • Petroleum-based ingredients
A: Love your soap longer! Let it dry thoroughly between uses. Keep your soap on a slotted soap tray, and drain off any excess water.

If you have bars waiting to be used, keep them in a cool, dry place, and allow air to circulate around them.

A: We recommend using our products within three months of purchase. This ensures the freshness of the product and the intensity of the essential oils, which naturally fade over time.
A: Yes. True bar soap contains sodium hydroxide (lye). If you don’t see “sodium hydroxide” on a soap label, you’re using a “detergent,” not a soap. Most commercial soaps are technically “detergents,” which is why they can often be so drying to the skin.

Once lye is combined with oils, it saponifies and neutralizes, making the soap safe to use on even the most sensitive skin.

A: We use the traditional cold-process method to make all of our soaps. We combine a signature blend of oils with water, sodium hydroxide (lye), and additives, such as clay, salt, spices, essential oils, etc. We cure our bars for at least four weeks.
A: Yes! We love working with customers to create the perfect products for their special event, at-home spa experience, or individual needs. Please contact us directly to discuss your ideas and how we can help. Also, check out the link for Personalized Design for more information and samples of our work.


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