It started with a single loaf of Rhassoul Clay soap. I was as proud of it as a parent at their kid’s first orchestra concert. Misshapen and a bit small (in my zeal, I may have slopped about a quarter of the soap batter on the table instead of in the mold), I took exactly 3709 pictures of it. In the mold. Out of the mold. Getting ready to slice. Each bar from 26 angles. Bars grouped together. You name it.

Those first bars seemed to multiply like cartoon bunnies as we continued researching, experimenting, and perfecting our recipes. After shuttling the bars from one place to the next, making room, and then even more room, they logically landed on the front third of our bookshelf (filtered light, good circulation, maximum room-scenting potential…). I lovingly tended my bars under the watchful gaze of John Milton, Samuel Beckett, Neal Stephenson, and other great writers.

Then a day came when I had squeezed so many bars onto the front of the bookshelf that I came to a terrible realization. One of us had to go. It was either the soaps, the books, or me, because we surely couldn’t exceed a physically-finite space. Sheepishly, I picked up Paradise Lost, turned it over and over in my hands, and, without looking, placed it into a box. I could hear John Milton’s frantic cry from that box, reminding me of all ramen-filled nights in grad school we’d spent together and pleading for me to reconsider this utter folly. One by one, more books kept Milton company, squirreled away to make room for more soap.

And I felt the intense desire to chuckle madly because I had more shelves emptied. More space to fill. More soap to make.

Since those early days, we’ve expanded physically, and our passion and vision for The Soaperie has bloomed, too. We couldn’t be more excited for this next phase of growth, marked by The Soaperie’s website debut.

In the end, Paradise Lost and most of the other books were restored to other (albeit less regal) shelves. Essential oil bottles of varying sizes have taken over the original bookshelf. John Milton still refuses to speak to me (maybe it’s because Paradise Lost is stuck next to a copy of Five Minute Princess  Stories…).

And us?

We’re hosting a “housewarming” for our new online digs and getting ready for the next chapter of The Soaperie. We’re so very glad you could join us!